Advice for international hikers

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The Pacific Crest Trail attracts people from all over the world. Whether you’re coming to the PCT for a day, a week or months, we think you’ll find the trail to be an iconic American experience and a beautiful and challenging time.

U.S.-style trekking

The Pacific Crest Trail is a remote wilderness experience. You will be on your own and your safety is your responsibility.

If this is your first trekking experience in the United States, but you’ve walked through popular places in Europe, Asia or elsewhere, there are some big differences:

  • The PCT is not hut or tea house trekking. You’ll be tent camping in the middle of nowhere in what we call protected wilderness. There are basically no businesses, huts or facilities and there is minimal signage.
  • Guided hikes are uncommon. In the United States, most people trek independently.
  • Hikers in the United States practice Leave No Trace ethics – taking great care to protect the environment that they pass through.
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