Advice for international hikers

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Often, you’ll be very far from town. Be prepared.

Permission for traveling to the United States

We steward a wonderful trail but should not be considered experts about United States visa, travel and emigration requirements. We recommend consulting with visa consultants or the U.S. State Department if you have questions.

Obtaining permission to travel to the United States can be difficult. Like in most countries, the United States government regulates who can travel into the country. We hope that your permission is granted so that you can experience the magic of the PCT, but the reality is that some people are never granted entrance into the United States.

If you will be in the United States for fewer than 90 days, you might, or might not need a visa. Some international visitors do not require a visa and instead may be eligible for a Visa Waiver. This applies to section hikers mostly as you will not be able to apply for a visa after this 90-day period. To understand the rules for your country, please consult the Visa Waiver webpage.

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