Best Hiking with dogs

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Other gear for dogs:

  • Water and food bowl – folding is nice.
  • Flashing lights – makes the dog less threatening to surprised hikers at night. Helps you know where your dog is.
  • GPS beacon – in case fido gets lost.
  • Water bottles
  • Collars (or harness) and tags
  • Leash

Keeping your dog safe

Finding the right dog for a long hike is difficult. Just as long-distance hiking is hard on us, it’s hard on dogs too. We hear of lots of sad stories. In the past, dogs have been injured or died while long-distance hiking. In fact, injured and sick dogs are all too common. Let that sink in.

Take a wilderness first aid class. The skills you learn for yourself will be largely transferable to your dog.

Is your dog in good enough shape to go backpacking? Build up the miles. Just like you, your dog should have a training plan and exercise regularly.

Drinking water

Your dog is susceptible to water borne illness. Pay attention to the water your dog is drinking or swimming in. It’s especially important to avoid water with foam, scum or mats. Blue-green algae blooms can quickly kill a dog.

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