Best Hiking with dogs

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Water and snow crossings

Raging snowmelt creeks and steep snow aren’t appropriate for dogs. These are significant dangers during the spring. Leave your dog at home lest they slide off a cliff or get swept away.

Heat-related emergencies

Dogs can’t regulate their internal body temperature as well as you can. And they can be highly motivated to follow their owners at all costs. Be very cautious about hiking on hot days – rest instead. Take frequent breaks to let your dog cool down. Bring extra water. Know the signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion.

Overuse injuries

Joints, especially hips, can suffer from too much walking. Don’t let an overuse injury develop. They can be permanent. Cactus needles, granite, lava rock, and hot sand all conspire with the daily grind of distance to wreak havoc on paws.

In closing

Pets are great companions and people bond strongly with them, but there are many considerations and hurdles to be overcome for the human/pet experience to work well for all on public wild lands. It can be done, but it takes care and effort to do it right, so it is incumbent on the human to make sure it is done properly.

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