Hikes in National parks you’ve never heard of but need to visit

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Summertime is travel time. How annoying is it, though, to arrive at overcrowded beaches, to encounter too many people on the same trail, or to have spectacular views ruined by an overflow of tourists? This summer, you should take the road less traveled. These national parks are not quite as well known, but are still just as beautiful and worth the trip.


95% of this colorful park on Miami’s doorstep is underwater. Except for the thirty islets and a mangrove forest fringe on the mainland, Biscayne is 173,000 acres of Caribbean-clear waters that cover Biscayne Bay—and the world’s third largest coral reef. What makes this park unique? There are 72 shipwrecks in the park. At this park you can snorkel, scuba dive, and go swimming with manatees and more than 200 species of fish.

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