Hikes in National parks you’ve never heard of but need to visit

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You’d never guess it, but three hours away from Seattle is quiet wilderness. Even if you’re an experienced outdoor enthusiast, this park will have something to grab your attention. Set up camp, either in an RV or tent, and then take a hike along Thornton Lake, or through the Newhalem trails. The park also has biking, bird watching, wildlife photography, boating and fishing.


Feel the urge to climb a 13,000-foot mountain? Want to tour a beautiful cave? Eager to backpack to alpine lakes and through high desert where few others venture? Find those things and more in eastern Nevada. Here, there is a 13,063-foot mountain named Wheeler Peak that resides in the Great Basin. You can drive the first 10,000 feet and hike the rest. Some of the pine trees in the park are more than 3,000 years old. Also, you can take a tour of the Lehman Caves with the help of a ranger tour guide. Full of marble, limestone, crystals and rare formations, it’ll be sure to catch your eye.

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