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Ground Cloths: Leave those cheapo blue tarps at your local hardware store. Even if you cut it down it will likely weigh at least a couple pounds. Same goes for those rubberized things they sell at REI, Cabella’s and the other big box stores with 1,000 feet of edge binding and 1,000,000 grommets and buckles.

Some people turn instead to sheets of house wrap as a moisture barrier between them and the ground. There are a lot of products like this on the market today (Tyvek is just one of many), and not all are created equally.  Some are much more waterproof than others, especially when it comes to laying a harm human body on a wide range of different temperature surfaces. We developed our Ground Cloth as a more durable alternative that’s also quieter to move around on once it’s broken in. It is truly a waterproof barrier between you and the ground and can also serve as a small shelter in a pinch, and weighs just 3.4oz. You’ll get years and years of use out them if you’re willing to make the addition investment.

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