Top 10 Best Bucket List Things to Do in Jordan You Can’t Miss

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For a small country, it’s probably fair to say that Jordan has more bucket list beauties than you can shake a stick.

Yup, slap bang in the centre of the Middle East, just about every great empire, ancient civilisation and his dog has wandered through this tiny nation at some point in history… and left his mark to prove it.

So whether you’re after ancient cities lost for hundreds of years in the desert, or some of the best preserved roman ruins in the world, or the oldest map of Palestine ever found, Jordan has it all… and more!

Having spent almost 3 weeks in this fabulous country, I’m lucky enough to have travelled the length and breadth of this beautiful place and so here’s my 10 bucket list things to do in Jordan you can’t miss.

#1 Step Back in Time at Jerash

One of the best preserved Roman ruins in the world, there’s no question that the ancient city of Jerash in the north of the country is absolutely one of the best things to do in Jordan.

Hopping on a public minibus here from the capital of the country, Amman, is super easy, and once at the site, taking a guide isn’t necessary, as just wandering around and being blown away by the size of this place is joyful enough.
Because honestly, Jerash is huge – it really is a whole city still intact – and that’s even given the fact that an incredible 90% is still presumed to be unexcavated.
I’d advise allowing yourself at least a few hours here to see as much of it as possible, including the forum, hippodrome, theatre, gates, streets and temples.

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