Top 10 Best Bucket List Things to Do in Jordan You Can’t Miss

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#2 Hike in the Dazzling Dana Reserve

It’s so delightful to learn that Jordan is taking steps to protect its areas of natural beauty and top of the list is the stunning Dana Biosphere Reserve.

A landscape of deep valleys and desert mountains, this place makes the perfect setting for getting off the beaten track in Jordan and with ecolodges scattered throughout, hiking here for a few days is more than possible and more than wonderful!

#3 Marvel at the Madaba Mosaics

The town of Madaba would be lovely enough to explore for a day in itself, and that’s without considering the incredible mosaics, the most famous of which lie in the main Christian edifice – St George’s Church.

Discovered only by accident during restoration work in 1884, builders came upon an old Byzantine Church in the process and amidst all the rubble and ruins discovered one of the most significant maps in history – a mosaic cartograph that depicts the oldest known representation of Palestine.

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