Top 10 Best Bucket List Things to Do in Jordan You Can’t Miss

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Giving a unique insight into the history of this region, the mosaic is displayed for all to see on the church floor for a small fee.

Thankfully, it’s now roped off, so people can no longer step or build all over it!

#4 Road Trip the King’s Highway

This absolutely has to be one of the best things to in Jordan because, quite frankly, from start to finish, the views are incredible!

Sadly not possible via public transport due to the twisting and turning nature of the road, backpackers can, however, pick up reasonably-priced group tours of the King’s Highway from Jordan Towers Hostel in Amman.
These trips join budget travellers together and, with a driver and vehicle provided, allow you to experience some of the country’s most epic scenery.
As part of this day trip you’ll also get to take in the amazing Crusader Castles of Karak and Shobak, as well as get more than your fair share of instaworthy-moments!
And perhaps adding to the value-factor even more, is the fact that this tour will also get you from the capital Amman to the amazing site of Petra – therefore saving you additional transport costs on this journey too.

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