Top 10 Best Bucket List Things to Do in Jordan You Can’t Miss

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When it comes to staying in Amman, it’s hard to look past the brilliantly-located Jordan Towers, which has well-priced dorms and one of the most delicious hostel breakfasts I’ve ever eaten!

#9 Spend a Night Under the Stars in Wadi Rum

And now, we’re getting to the really good stuff!

Yup, you absolutely, 100%, definitely, totally cannot come to Jordan without taking a trip to Wadi Rum.

This magnificent desert area is inhabited by the Bedouin People, who have some fantastic camps way out in the wilderness that give budget travellers a unique opportunity to enjoy this otherworldly landscape.

You have to take a tour in Wadi Rum – because it is a barren, arid desert after all – but well-priced, 1 night excursions that include a full day jeep safari, 3 meals and a night under the stars in the silence of the vast nothingness, are absolutely one of the best things to do in Jordan.

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