Top 5 best coasts for backpacking

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Backpacking comes in many ways, shapes, and forms. From conquering the Appalachian Trail to slumming it in hostels around Europe, there are plenty of ways to see the world with all of your possessions on your back. While there are plenty of bucket-list trails to complete, such as the Pacific Crest Trail, the Continental Divide Trail, and the El Camino de Santiago, a new trend is emerging.

Coastal walks have existed for hundreds of years. Sort of a locals-only experience, they don’t typically receive much notoriety in the adventure world. Part of this is due to their less complex nature, considering many of them are gently-graded.

What coastal pathways lack in gruel, they surely make up in serenity. Imagine strolling along ancient cliffs, huge waves crashing below, with sheep babbling inland. Suddenly the trail takes a downhill turn, bringing you to a secluded beach. Sound epic enough for you? If this image strikes your backpacking fancy, read along to learn about some of the world’s best walks along the coast.

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